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EdgeStar Full Size Keg Beer Dispenser - Stainless Steel Door

EdgeStar Full Size Keg Beer Dispenser - Stainless Steel Door

.productVid { height: 270px; width: 480px; float: right; margin-left: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px; } Set up a home or commercial brewing system to serve cold draft beer using the EdgeStar Ultra Low Temperature Full Size Kegerator with Stainless Steel Door (KC2000SS). EdgeStar full size kegerators are capable of reaching temperatures in the low 30s, making them the coldest of any kegerators on the market. Ideal for seasoned beer enthusiasts looking for a reliable kegerator before spending a fortune on a commercial unit, or people who are just starting out. The EdgeStar full size kegerator is an excellent value, combining a designed-to-fit refrigerator with commercial-grade, NSF-approved components. All pieces are made in the USA, including: a Sankey D coupler, stainless steel tower and faucet, and beer and gas hose. We strongly recommend purchasing a cleaning kit with this kegerator as beer equipment should be cleaned after every keg. What's Included: Ships complete with all components needed to tap one keg: CO2 tank, regulator, coupler, beer line, air line, tap, tower, drip tray, faucet, and faucet handle (keg not included) Ultra Low Temperature: EdgeStar full size kegerators are capable of reaching temperatures in the low 30s making them the coldest kegerators on the market Easy and Quick Assembly: With the owner's guide and an easy-to-navigate system, this full size unit is one of the easiest kegerators on the market in terms of installation Insulated Tower: Foam insulation lines the inner wall of the tower which helps maintain an even temperature to the beer lines Capacity: This keg refrigerator can fit most full size half barrel kegs, pony kegs or slim quarter kegs and up to two sixth barrel kegs USA made, Commercial Grade Components: All the components are made here in the USA and the tower, faucets, handles, and hoses are commercial grade Portable: The casters that ship with this EdgeStar beer keg cooler allow for easy movement Compact Size: The KC2000SS is 4 less in external width than standard full size kegerators while retaining the ability to hold a full size keg Stainless Steel Door: A fully wrapped stainless steel door matches any decor Possible Keg Configurations: 1 full size keg 1 quarter keg 1 slim quarter keg 1-2 sixth barrel kegs 1-2 Cornelius kegs 17% of customers bought this after viewing this item Holds (1) Half-Barrel Keg Includes Quality Components Insulated Tower 22% of customers bought this after viewing this item Fits All Keg Types (Even Beveled Edge) Digital Temperature Display & Controls Stainless Steel #productUpsellContainer {margin-top:15px;} .productUpsell {width: 48%;float: right;margin:1%;position:relative;height:255px;} .productUpsell .bold {font-weight:bold; } .productUpsell .categoryImage {position:absolute; top:55px; left:0px; width:190px;} .productUpsell .categoryImage:hover, .productUpsell .addToCartButton01:hover { /* IE 8 */ -ms-filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=85) ; /* IE 5-7 */ filter: alpha(opacity=85); /* Netscape */ -moz-opacity: 0.85; /* Safari 1.x */ -khtml-opacity: 0.85; /* Good browsers */ opacity: 0.85; } .productUpsell .productTitle {position:absolute; top:70px; left:200px; color:#333; font-weight:bold; color:#356AA3;} .productUpsell .productTitle:hover {text-decoration:underline;} .productUpsell .stars {position:absolute;top:51px; left:200px; display:none;} .productUpsell .featurePrice {position:absolute;bottom:45px; left:200px; color:#990000; font-weight:bold; } .productUpsell .sellPoint {position:absolute; left:200px;} .productUpsell .sellPoint li {list-style-type:disc; font-size:12px;} .productUpsell .addtocart {position:absolute; bottom:0; left:200px;} .productUpsell .categoryDetails, .productUpsell .freeShipping2 {display:none;} .upSellTitle #iconUpSell { position:absolute; right:20px; bottom:-10px; background:url('') -131px 0; width:20px; height:10px; } .upSellTitle h3 { padding:8px 10px; font-weight:normal; color:#333; text-transform:none; } .upSellTitle { background:#f5f1e8;border:1px solid #d9d4c7; width:100%; margin-bottom:5px; position:relative; }


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